Agricultural drainage in the Fraser Valley

These resources provide information about agricultural drainage in the context of increasing annual precipitation, extreme precipitation and flood risk. The 2017 report includes:

  • A high-level assessment of the overall state of agricultural ditches and drainage across the Fraser Valley region
  • Options for improving coordination and consistency among local drainage authorities and relevant agencies
  • A draft proposed roadmap for environmental approvals for ditch and drainage maintenance

The 2018 report includes a table documenting the best available precipitation projections for the Fraser Valley. It also outlines collaborative climate adaptive drainage management strategies adopted in comparable settings.

It also includes the results from a forum with producers, local government and agency staff, researchers, and agricultural association representatives. The event highlighted preferred strategies to address local runoff and drainage challenges, including:

  • Piloting the development of drainage area management planning
  • Improving drainage management and maintenance knowledge and capacity


Project Report - Enhanced Collaboration for Agricultural Drainage and Ditch Management - 2017

5 MB, pdf

Project Report - Enhancing Runoff and Drainage Management in the Fraser Valley Agricultural Sector - 2018

1,017 KB, pdf