Alternative approaches to agricultural land use inventory in the Peace

This report summarizes the feasibility of alternative approaches for an agricultural land use inventory in the Peace.

Previous inventories were conducted through a process of manual digitization of polygon features with subsequent field verification. However, the Peace River Regional District contains over 1.2 million hectares of Agricultural Land Reserve land on 14,871 parcels. Due to the unique and extensive nature of the Peace, a traditional approach is cost prohibitive and a new approach is required.

This report identifies data needs, assesses existing data available and evaluates new approaches for data collection.

The report concludes that using an image classification technology would allow the land use inventory to be completed at a significant cost savings. The costs associated with the manual approach are approximately 20 times more than the classification-based approach.


Feasibility Study - Defining a New Approach to Agricultural Land Use Inventory - 2017

3 MB, pdf