BC Decision Aid System for Okanagan tree fruit

The BC Decision Aid System (DAS) is a web-based tool that helps Okanagan tree fruit growers with pest management decisions.

DAS has a clear, simple, web-based interface that provides information linking weather conditions with pest lifecycles. Real-time weather data, forecasting and pest models are used to predict pest emergence timing.

Growers can sign up to receive alerts, as well as conventional and organic management recommendations.

DAS is available free of charge to Okanagan tree fruit growers, thanks to the Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release Program, which manages and funds the tool.

A project handout provides an overview of how and why the tool was developed.


Project Handout - New Tool Gives Okanagan Tree Fruit Growers Edge on Pest Management - 2018

779 KB, pdf


The BC Decision Aid System (DAS)