Communicating about climate change and agriculture in Delta

The 2014 communications plan outlines strategies for engaging Delta residents on the topics of agriculture and climate change adaptation.

It identifies a series of community outreach and education activities for strengthening understanding of local agriculture and climate change issues.

The accompanying 2015 poster includes:

  • A harvest calendar identifying the seasonality of crops grown in the Delta region
  • A brochure highlighting local farmers and how they’re adapting to climate change

After the plan was written, communications materials were developed to support this objective:

  • A video about harvesting cranberries
  • A video about harvesting potatoes
  • A video about converting manure into fertilizer
  • Curriculum unit plans about agriculture and climate change


This video shows how Delta farmer Jerry Keulen at Seabreeze Farm converts manure and organic consumer waste into renewable energy and high quality fertilizer.
This video shows how the Harris Family of Fraserland Organics harvest potatoes and how climate change is affecting agricultural production in the Delta area. It describes a project assessing how drainage may help to adapt to increasing spring and fall precipitation.
This video shows how Bruce and Bonnie May of Cranwest Farms harvest cranberries. It highlights the importance of the Fraser River as a source of water for their cranberry production. The video explains how climate change is impacting the salinity levels in the lower Fraser River and the risk this poses to agricultural water in the lower Fraser area.


Strategic Plan - Agriculture and Climate Change Communications Strategy - 2014

1 MB, pdf

Poster - Climate Change and Agriculture Education and Outreach - 2015

2 MB, pdf

Curriculum - Grade 7 Unit Plan: Potato Perspectives on Climate Change - 2016

6 MB, pdf

Curriculum - Secondary Level Unit Plan: Potato Perspectives on Climate Change - 2016

6 MB, pdf


The Inside Scoop on Manure | Meet Your Farm Neighbours Ep. 1 – YouTube

The Harris Potato Harvest | Meet Your Farm Neighbours Ep. 2 – YouTube

Diving into Cranberries | Meet Your Farm Neighbours Ep 3 – YouTube