Communicating through wildfire: Improving outcomes for agriculture & local governments

As the climate changes, wildfires in BC are becoming larger and more severe. The wildfire season is starting sooner and ending later. This means everyone needs to learn how to adapt.

Preparing for an emergency can feel intimidating and overwhelming. It can also seem financially daunting to implement effective planning and mitigation practices. But wildfire preparedness is not a solo endeavor: it is a shared responsibility among multiple organizations and individuals, and each person has an important role to play.

This handbook grew out of 5+ years of collaborative consultation, across multiple projects, with more than 100 agricultural producers and individuals involved in wildfire response from across BC.

The actions in this handbook were developed from the shared stories and lived experiences of producers who managed through wildfires on their doorsteps and also from the input from local government staff, who are often stretched thin during emergency response.


Communicating Through Wildfire - v1.0 - fillable

4 MB, pdf