Demonstrating innovative pasture rejuvenation practices in Central and Northern Interior of BC

Farmers and ranchers in the Central and Northern Interior of BC identified the need to assess the efficacy of new pasture rejuvenation practices for the region.

The project focused on trialing new approaches to no-till rejuvenation, including evaluating new seeding equipment and management approaches that would build soil quality and increase pasture productivity.

Four research demonstration sites were selected, and farm partners designed their own research plot based on their operation’s goal, assets, and questions. Research sites were located in:

  • Pineview & Prince George, BC
  • Australian, BC
  • Beaver Valley, BC
  • Redstone, BC

Research plots were implemented in 2019, with trial data measured for three growing seasons. The demonstration projects aimed to assess the suitability of various practices under local conditions, as well as gather information about best practices and knowledge on pasture rejuvenation for the central and northern interior of BC. A secondary goal of the project was to coordinate extension activities and develop resources that would maximize the reach of the project and enable producers to adopt practices that would be resilient to shifting climatic conditions and extreme weather events, providing reliable forage production.

The research project has provided informative results on the considerations of incorporating new no-till pasture rejuvenation practices within the region and engaged the forage and livestock sector in outlining best management practices. The BC Forage Council now has new field equipment that will be available to members throughout the region and has substantially increased its capacity to support on-farm demonstration research projects. The project has opened opportunities for producers to explore new management practices that can help increase the profitability and environmental sustainability of their operations.


Project Report – Demonstrating Innovative Pasture Rejuvenation Practices in Central and Northern Interior of BC – 2023

4 MB, pdf

Research Summary – Demonstrating Innovative Pasture Rejuvenation Practices in Central and Northern Interior of BC – 2023

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