Dryland forage selection in the Bulkley-Nechako and Fraser-Fort George regions

Climate change projections across Bulkley-Nechako and Fraser-Fort George region include warmer and drier summer conditions and shifting precipitation patterns that include more extreme rain events. Both management practices and production decisions – such as selecting suitable and resilient crop types and varieties – will assist producers to manage through increasingly variable and extreme conditions.  This project is a follow-up to a previous project (undertaken in 2020) in the Bulkley-Nechako and Fraser Fort-George region focused on providing knowledge transfer for best practices for water management. Exploring suitable crops and varieties for dryland production – specifically deepening knowledge of species and cultivar performance within the region – was highlighted as an area for further work. 

This project included surveys and interviews to develop of a baseline understanding of the current species and varieties being grown in various parts of the region, along with future plans for seeding. Additional research was conducted via outreach to seed companies about new varieties that may be suitable for the dryland production within the region/sub-regions. Existing resources for crop selection were also reviewed, including the BC Rangeland Seeding Manual and the more recently developed Forage U-Pick decision support tool which aids producers with choosing suitable crops.  


  • Compile (sub-regional) information on current species/variety selections and adaptation priorities
  • Identify new varieties with promise for regional adaptation
  • Develop region-specific forage suitability resources
  • Evaluate and share the U-Pick forage (decision support tool) within the region
  • Encourage producers to consider conducting variety trials


Project Report – Selecting Suitable and Adaptive Dryland Forage Crops and Varieties – 2023

5 MB, pdf

Fact Sheet – Alfalfa – 2023

475 KB, pdf

Fact Sheet – Brome Grasses – 2023

638 KB, pdf

Fact Sheet – Forage Selection – 2023

1 MB, pdf

Fact Sheet – Forages with Potential – 2023

1 MB, pdf

Fact Sheet – Non-Bloat Legumes – 2023

960 KB, pdf

U-Pick-Case-Study #1 – Yates – 2023

240 KB, pdf

U-Pick-Case-Study #2 – Vanderhoof – 2023

3 MB, pdf

U-Pick-Case-Study #3 – Quick – 2023

3 MB, pdf