Extending the greenhouse growing season in the Cariboo

These resources summarize the results of a 10-month applied research project that demonstrated and evaluated the use of minidomes and supplemental LED lighting in greenhouses.

Trials were designed with input from Cariboo market gardeners to meet grower needs for practical methods for season extension. Trials were conducted to test salad vegetable crop health and productivity under the following scenarios:

  • Minidomes with supplemental LED lighting
  • Minidomes, no supplemental LED lighting
  • Supplemental LED lighting, no minidomes
  • Natural ambient light, no minidomes

Trial results show that plants grown with supplemental LED lights — with and without a minidome — produced larger and heavier heads when compared to plants exposed to only natural light.

While this project evolved from a research prioritization process in the Cariboo, results are relevant to other interior and northern regions of BC.


Research Summary - Greenhouse Innovations for Market Garden Extension - 2021

1 MB, pdf

Project Report - Greenhouse Innovations for Cariboo Market Garden Season Extension - 2021

3 MB, pdf