Farm water fix video series (irrigation)

These 12 videos from 2020 and 2021 follow irrigation designers Andrew Bennett and Bruce Naka around farms in the Kootenay and Boundary regions of British Columbia, Canada.

These videos cover:

  • A discussion of some of the major issues facing BC farms, especially as climate change increases water demand and diminishes supply.
  • A review of BC’s main irrigation resources and tools.
  • Clear explanations of main irrigation concepts to help farms tune up their irrigation systems and adjust schedules depending on weather and soil moisture, to get crops the right amount of water at the right time!

The Kootenay & Boundary Farm Advisors (KBFA) were a partner in this series, the farm visits, and other resources produced by this project including “Irrigate Better“, a 4-part webinar series produced in 2021.

Find all of the videos in this series on YouTube or at the individual links below.


A Leg Up on Climate Change (Farm Water Fix 1)

BC Agriculture Water Calculator & the Climate Crunch (Farm Water Fix 2)

Professional Irrigation Advice (Farm Water Fix 3)

BC's Best Irrigation & Drought Resources (Farm Water Fix 4)

Hazards of Too Much Water (Farm Water Fix 5)

The $300,000 Tear Drop (Farm Water Fix 6)

Irrigation Scheduling A to X (Farm Water Fix 7)

Identify Soil Textures (Farm Water Fix 8)

Soil Water Storage (Farm Water Fix 9)

Crop Water Use & the Weather (Farm Water Fix 10)

Rain & Irrigation (Farm Water Fix 11)

Irrigation Efficiency versus Waste (Farm Water Fix 12)