Interseeding to improve forage quality and quantity in the Peace River

Successfully rejuvenate a pasture or old hayfield has a lot of risk associated with a full rejuvenation like tillage or herbicide fallow. Risks such as loss of production for 1 or several years, or topsoil loss from being incorporated with subsoil or water erosion from extreme rain events, among other risks.

This project trialed new options that might assist in introducing forages into an existing forage stand and reduce the need for a full rejuvenation, or at least extend the life of the existing forage stand.

Trials were held at five sites across the region to test: fall seeding, pre-treatments using intensive grazing or herbicides and the VREDO zero-till drill.

The risk of completely rejuvenating a forage stand has increased with climate change with the increase in variability in of extreme weather events and the timing of critical moisture events no longer being reliable, the success of traditional rejuvenation practices has declined.


Research Summary - Interseeding to Improve Forage Quality and Quantity in the Peace River - 2023

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