Managing agricultural water in the Fraser Valley workshop

This report describes the development and delivery of a full-day workshop that provided producers with information about agricultural water supply, water regulations/policy and water management practices.

The Agricultural Water Management Symposium was hosted in Abbotsford in November 2016.

The report includes a summary of background research and consultation, the event agenda and an assessment of the workshop’s efficacy. It also describes lessons learned from the knowledge transfer activities and provides recommendations for future related work.

A fact sheet was developed to summarize information provided to workshop participants.

The fact sheet provides a high-level summary of:

  • How climate change is impacting agricultural water in the Fraser Valley
  • Actions that farmers can take to prepare for changing water supply
  • Tips and resources for managing soil moisture and reusing water, among other techniques


Project Report - Fraser Valley Agricultural Water Workshop Project - 2017

427 KB, pdf

Fact Sheet - Fraser Valley Agricultural Water Management - 2017

1 MB, pdf