Multi-functional pasture rejuvenation in the Cariboo

This project is a collaborative effort to determine economic operationally feasible methods for producers and managers to reduce the negative impacts of woody plant encroachment.

This environmental change occurs when woody species such as shrubs and trees begin to encroach on grasslands and pastureland, reducing available edible species and limiting movement of livestock.

To investigate various methods, two main ranches were set up as test sites. Results from these sites are still being analyzed but preliminary data from two years of establishment has been promising.

Seeding alone with no additional treatment has been found to increase forb cover. Grazing has proved a successful method of reducing shrub cover in these pastures and after enough time, could result in promotion of additional forb and grass cover with the benefit of seeding.

More data is required to further test this idea, but the first two years of this project have added useful information to the understanding of woody plant encroachment and its effects on pastures, as well as finding suitable methods of removal.


Project Report – Multi-functional Pasture Rejuvenation in the Cariboo – 2023

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Research Summary – Multi-functional Pasture Rejuvenation in the Cariboo – 2023

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