Okanagan farm water planning report & toolkit

The report summarizes the findings of a project to test and improve an integrated farm water planning toolkit.

The toolkit was tested with 16 Okanagan farms, and the report shares the findings associated with the farm visits.

The report summarizes recommendations for refining the toolkit format and content as well as considerations for future toolkit refinement and delivery.

The toolkit was designed to support a facilitated, integrated approach to water planning for individual farm operations. The toolkit was intended to:

  • Be applicable to many farm types
  • Address a spectrum of water management issues, including considerations related to climate change
  • Result in an individual farm plan for water management

The farm water planning process includes:

  • Reviewing current water resources, systems and practices on the farm
  • Analyzing significant water issues and opportunities
  • Identifying practical strategies to address issues, take advantage of opportunities, and build resilience for the future

Toolkit modules cover: water supply, storage, drainage, water quality and water use.

The toolkit was first developed through a pilot project in the Cowichan Valley in 2016. A second phase of testing and refinement occurred in the Okanagan in 2017, and results are detailed in a summary report.


Project Report - Okanagan Farm Water Use Planning Pilot Project - 2018

761 KB, pdf

Toolkit - Farm Water Planning - 2018

7 MB, pdf