Strategy for weather network renewal for tree fruits in the Okanagan and Creston Valleys

This project looked at the existing weather monitoring network in the Okanagan and Creston Valleys. A roadmap for its enhancement, expansion, and sustainable operation was created.

The weather network in the Okanagan supports the BC Decision Aid System (DAS). BC DAS is a decision support tool that assists local tree fruit growers with integrated management of insects and diseases. Tools like BC DAS rely on high quality local weather data to produce accurate pest and disease modelling and treatment recommendations. Since 2018, BC DAS has been operational in the Okanagan Valley using an existing network of weather stations. However, this network of weather stations is aging and in need of a renewal strategy to ensure it continues to produce high quality data needed by BC DAS. Creston, which is in the tree fruit region of the Central Kootenays, does not have adequate weather monitoring to support BC DAS. A renewal of the weather monitoring network is necessary and includes modernizing the existing hardware in the Okanagan and establishing new weather stations in Creston.

The report also provides valuable information on best practices for creating a weather network, which is applicable across BC. This includes information on:

  • Weather station hardware options
  • Networking considerations
  • Station siting best practices
  • Network tiering recommendations
  • Data quality assurance and data management best practices


Research Summary – Weather Monitoring for Tree Fruit in BC – 2022

3 MB, pdf