Wildfire preparedness for producers: webinars

This two-part workshop series for farmers and ranchers highlights potential wildfire risks to agricultural operations and the measures producers can take to prepare for and mitigate those risks.

Each webinar is 1.5 hours long and covers key content in the Farm/Ranch wildfire guide and workbook.

Workshop A covers:

  • Why a farm/ranch wildfire plan is important, understanding wildfire threat and impacts and agency and producer roles during a wildfire
  • An introduction to resources available for planning and preparation
  • Steps to create a custom farm/ranch wildfire plan, including developing operational maps for planning and communication and creating inventories for livestock, response equipment and resources and water sources

Workshop B covers:

  • Key considerations for risk reduction on agricultural properties, such as reducing combustibles, using fire resistant materials and planning for sprinkler protection, including best practices unique to agriculture
  • Livestock protection planning
  • Employee and visitor evacuation planning, including for operations with multiple properties, seasonal workers and agritourism
  • Safety and legal considerations when burning
  • Insurance considerations and damage assessment and recovery after a wildfire


Watch and share Part A on YouTube


Watch and share Part B on YouTube