Past Programs

Regional Adaptation Program

The Regional Adaptation Program was launched in 2013.

Program overview

The Regional Adaptation Program (RAP) defined regional strategic priorities and delivered collaborative projects for agricultural adaptation. The program cultivated partnerships across the BC agriculture sector and all levels of government to address defined priorities.

The program was divided into two key phases:

  1. Developing an adaptation plan specific to a region, which included identifying and prioritizing climate issues.
  2. Implementing projects within the region to achieve strategies and actions outlined in the plan.

Regional adaptation plans:

  • Facilitated collaborative planning between producers, agricultural groups and local and provincial government agencies
  • Strengthened understanding of the potential impacts of climate change to agriculture in the region
  • Identified regionally suitable options, strategies and actions for adapting to climate issues

Completed plans include:

  • Climate projections
  • Details about impacts to agriculture
  • Prioritized climate issues
  • Regionally specific strategies and actions

Regional adaptation projects flowed directly from the strategies and actions in the regional adaptation plans.

Guidance on project choice and implementation was provided by the region’s working group, a committee of experts that included producers and local and provincial government representatives. Many projects were multi-year, and some took place through several phases of activity.


  • Deepened knowledge of specific risks, opportunities and appropriate adaptations
  • Developed tools and resources that enable adaptive decision-making
  • Strengthened collaborative relationships and capacity for future delivery of adaptation actions

For more information

Details about individual regional adaptation plans and highlights of past projects delivered under this program can be found on the Regional Adaptation pages.

Workshops with producers, local government staff and other partners are an essential part of the regional adaptation planning process.

Farm Adaptation Innovator Program

The Farm Adaptation Innovator Program was launched in  2014.

Program overview

The Farm Adaptation Innovator Program (FAIP) delivered funding for farm-level, applied research projects that help producers adapt to the impacts of climate change. Projects brought together researchers, farmers, agricultural organizations, educational institutions, technical experts and others.

In BC, the diversity of the production types and growing conditions makes local research particularly important because results or findings from other locations may not be applicable or accurate. Local research gives producers the opportunity to see practices and technologies in the field and think about how they might apply them to their own operations.

Projects ran from two to four years to allow methods to be tested over multiple growing seasons and under a variety of conditions. Research took place on farm sites throughout the province.

FAIP projects:

  • Demonstrated and evaluate innovative practices on working farms
  • Created informational resources, such as fact sheets and workbooks
  • Shared knowledge through workshops, field days and other activities

For more information

Download the 2018-2023 project list and see highlights of active and past projects on the Regional Adaptation pages.