Climate Issues

Managing through uncertainty and challenging weather is a common part of farming life. But climate change is expected to bring a scope and scale of change that’s greater than anything previously experienced.

This section provides information about some of the biggest climate issues facing farmers and ranchers throughout the province. Each page includes a curated selection of resources and tools to help agriculture respond to that particular issue.

Drier Conditions & Drought

Dry conditions can reduce water availability and increase the need for irrigation.

Pests & Pollinators

Changes to pest and pollinator populations can increase the complexity and costs of farm management.


Changing and unpredictable seasonal conditions can lower crop productivity and quality.

Wetter Conditions & Flood

Extremely wet conditions can impact the timing of planting and harvesting. Flooding can result in damage and losses to agricultural operations.


Wildfires can result in damage and losses to agricultural operations. Smoke can affect areas far beyond the immediate reach of the wildfire.