Tuber flea beetle: IPM guide

Tuber flea beetles (TFBs) are small black beetles that feed on Solanaceous plants, including potatoes. The most significant damage is done by the larvae, which feed directly on potato tubers and reduce marketability.

This guide contains integrated pest management (IPM) information tailored for small-scale production, but the guidelines can be applied to all operation sizes. It includes:

  • Identification and lifecycle details including photographs of pest phases
  • Information about how and when to monitor
  • Options for biological, cultural, physical and chemical control

This resource was developed as part of a 12-guide series for small-scale vegetable and berry farmers in the Fraser Valley and Lillooet-Pemberton areas. Growers in other regions of BC may also find the information applicable to their local conditions. A webinar shares more information about the project.


IPM Guide - Tuber Flea Beetles - 2021

3 MB, pdf