Farm water fix video series (irrigation)

These 12 videos from 2020 and 2021 follow irrigation designers Andrew Bennett and Bruce Naka around farms in the Kootenay and Boundary regions of British Columbia, Canada….

Demonstration of innovative corn production technologies

This project demonstrated and provided local experience with innovative corn production management strategies including intercropping annuals (relay cropping), variation to plant population and strip tillage. The trials…

Managing extreme heat on Fraser Valley dairy farms

As the climate changes, the Fraser Valley is experiencing longer, hotter and drier summers. In addition to an overall increase in annual temperatures, there are likely to…

Reflective tarps to maintain blueberry quality

These resources provide information about the benefits and use of reflective tarps to help maintain the quality of harvested blueberries during periods of high temperatures. The Reflective…

Managing extreme heat for dairy, poultry and berries

This report summarizes findings of a scan that reviewed practices and technologies for managing extreme heat in the dairy, poultry and berry sectors in the Fraser Valley….