Inventory of Fraser Valley pests: Activities, gaps and priorities

This pest inventory provides an assessment of pest threats to agriculture in the Fraser Valley.

Based on consultations with growers and specialists from 30 agricultural commodities across the region, the inventory identifies and prioritizes current and emerging pest threats. It includes insects, weeds, diseases, and invasive species.

The inventory consists of two separate documents:

  1. A full documentation of survey results for the 30 commodities, in table format. For each commodity, the inventory outlines:
    • pest-related information resources used by producers
    • limiting factors for adequate pest management
    • activities and projects from 2012-2016
    • emerging and current pests of concern
  2. An Excel list of all pest-related activities and projects that happened in the Fraser Valley between 2012 and 2017.

An in-depth analysis of the findings of the inventory was completed in 2018 to support priorities for action.


Inventory - Fraser Valley Agricultural Pest Assessment - 2016

2 MB, pdf

Project List — Fraser Valley Agricultural Pest Assessment - 2017

45 KB, xlsx