Vineyard water use efficiency, cost in vineyards, & how to measure water use

This report summarizes current approaches to irrigation management and technology in the Okanagan wine grape industry.

Interviews with growers and other experts provided information about the current state of irrigation water tracking and the use of water saving tools and technologies. Information on practices and technologies was also gathered from experts in other jurisdictions, including California and Australia.

Based on this research, the report documents the current state of knowledge and technology and makes recommendations in three key areas:

  • Water use tracking and feedback
  • Capturing existing knowledge and building grower information exchange
  • Capturing the full cost of water

Case studies of innovative practices and technologies are included in the report’s appendices.

A series of three fact sheets were also created to communicate key information to wine grape growers.


Project Report - Vineyard Water-Use Efficiency: State of Knowledge and Technology - 2018

7 MB, pdf

Fact Sheet - Vineyard Establishment and Maintenance Practices for Water-Use Efficiency - 2018

622 KB, pdf

Fact Sheet - Tools to Validate Eyes on the Vines - 2017

1 MB, pdf

Fact Sheet - The Full Cost of Water - 2017

1 MB, pdf

Tool - Water Efficiency Calculator - 2018

910 KB, xlsx

Tool - Water Efficiency Comparison (Support Tool) - 2018

475 KB, xlsx